Installation Cable Cat.5e U/UTP LSZH duplex Class Dca

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Cable 2x(2x4xAWG24) Cat. 5e U/UTP, LSZH, White
Varenummer: DK-ICD5EUDXW.500-V1

Produktinformation für Cable 2x(2x4xAWG24) Cat. 5e U/UTP, LSZH, White

InfraLan datacable duplex 4x2 Twisted pairs in accordance to ISO/IEC 11801, EN-50173 & TIA568-C.2
Fullfill the EN50575 Class Dca S2,D2,A1

Tekniske egenskaber

AWG-size: 24
Bending radius (dynamic): 8 x OD
Bending radius (static): 4 x OD
Cable Construction: U/UTP
Category: 5E
Colour outher sheath: White
Conductor category: Class 1 = solid
Conductor material: Cu, blank
Core identification: Colour
Diameter conductor: 0,87 mm
Euro class: Dca
Halogen free (acc. EN 50267-2-2): True
Halogen free (according to EN 60754-1/2): True
Harmonised Standard: EN 50575
Low smoke: acc. EN 61034
Low smoke (acc. EN 61034-2): True
NVP value: 69
Nominal cross section conductor: 0,49 mm²
Operating temperature, fix: -20 – 60 °C
Operating temperature, flexible: 0 – 50 °C
Screen over stranding: None
Screen over stranding element: without
Separation class acc. EN50174-2: B
UV resistance: no