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Art. nr. PRO-LFD02BT.GR

Roof Fan 2-Way, with Thermostat, for Co Location PRO and ESV, RAL7035
Colour: grey
Noise Level: 48 dB
Number of fans: 2

Art. nr. PRO-LFD04AT.TS

Roof Fan 4-Way for PRO & ESV, Opening A, incl. Thermostat, RAL9005
Colour: black
Noise Level: 54 (Silent Mode: 44) dB
Number of fans: 4

Art. nr. 691662

Brush Terminal 250 x 88 mm for Wall Housings 1-/2-Part
Depth: 70/88 mm
Height: 8 mm
Width: 250 mm

Art. nr. 691662.1

Brush Terminal 450 x 88 mm for Standing Cabinets PRO & Classic
Depth: 70/88 mm
Height: 8 mm
Width: 450 mm