Coaxial Cable RG179, PTFE, 75 Ohm

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Coax Cable RG179B/U, 75 Ohm PTFE insulation
Varenummer: 91079.1
EAN nr.: 9999999019890

Produktinformation für Coax Cable RG179B/U, 75 Ohm PTFE insulation

Application in commercial electronics and high-frequency technology.
Cable according to MIL-C-17F and MIL-C-17G. 75 Ohm type

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Armouring: False
Colour outer sheath: brown
Diameter inner conductor: 7/0.102 mm
Diameter outer conductor: - mm
Dielectric: Fully-PE
Halogen free (acc. EN 50267-2-2): False
Inner conductor category: Class 2 = stranded
Inner conductor material: CCS, silver-coated
Jacket material: PTFE
Operating temperature, fix: -70 – 200 °C
Operating temperature, flexible: -70 – 200 °C
Outer conductor material: CU, tinned
Type of outer conductor: braiding

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