RJ45 Hirose Connector Set STP, TM11 Cat.5e yellow

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RJ45-Hirose TM11 yellow, 1 pcs.
Varenummer: H7540.5-1
EAN nr.: 4049759119713

Produktinformation für RJ45-Hirose TM11 yellow, 1 pcs.

Up to 100 MHz (Cat.5e)
For stranded wires (AWG 24/7, AWG 26/7, AWG 27/7)
Shielded version
Core insulation about 0.9 - 1.0 mm
Cable diameter max. 5.8 mm
The set consists of RJ plug, anti-kink sleeve and guide plate
Suitable crimping tool DCW1002 + DCW1002.1 or 39934.2

Tekniske egenskaber

AWG-range for litz wire conductor: 24 – 27
Category: 5E
Connection type: crimp
Model: plug
Screened: True
Special tool necessary: True
Suitable for flat cable: False
Suitable for litz wire conductor: True
Suitable for round cable: True
Suitable for solid core: False
Type of connector: RJ45 8(8)


Art. Nej. Betegnelse Colour
H7540.5-1 RJ45-Hirose TM11 yellow, 1 pcs. yellow
H7540.5-50 RJ45-Hirose TM11 yellow 50 pcs. yellow
H7540.5-100 RJ45-Hirose TM11 yellow 100 pcs. yellow

necessary tools

Crimping Tool(frame) for die inserts DCW1002.x
Crimping Tool for RJ45 Hirose connector TM11,TM21,TM31
Die insert Hirose TM11/21/31 for DCW1002