Cable Stripping Tool for round cable

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Cable Stripping Tool Miller® RCS-114
Varenummer: 39900.1
EAN nr.: 4049759079086

Produktinformation für Cable Stripping Tool Miller® RCS-114

Precision tool for stripping of the outer jacket of round cables
Knife is adjustable for longitudinal cut, circumferential and spiral slitting
Adjustable cutting depth
Length: 138 mm
Weight: 100 g

Tekniske egenskaber

Cross section: 3 – mm²
Depth of notch adjustable: True
Diameter: 4.5 – mm
Exchangeable knives: True
Longitudinal section: True
Round edge: True
Spiral cut: True
Strip range AWG: 3 –


Art. Nej. Betegnelse Model
39900.1 Cable Stripping Tool Miller® RCS-114 Miller® RCS-114 Vælg
39900.2 Exchange blade for Miller® RCS-114 (39900.1) Miller® RCS-114 replacement blade Vælg

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