IDC Connector RM2.54

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IDC Connector 06pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP
Varenummer: 20006.3
EAN nr.: 4049759038151

Produktinformation für IDC Connector 06pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP

IDC Connector, pitch 2.54

Tekniske egenskaber

Inflammability class of insulation material according to with UL94: V0
Material insulation body: Thermoplast


Art. Nej. Betegnelse Type
20006.3 IDC Connector 06pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 06pol. Vælg varianter
20008.3 IDC Connector 08pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 08pol. Vælg varianter
20010.3 IDC Connector 10pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 10pol. Vælg varianter
20014.3 IDC Connector 14pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 14pol. Vælg varianter
20016.3 IDC Connector 16pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 16pol. Vælg varianter
20020.3 IDC Connector 20pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 20pol. Vælg varianter
20026.3 IDC Connector 26pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 26pol. Vælg varianter
20034.3 IDC Connector 34pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 34pol. Vælg varianter
20040.3 IDC Connector 40pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 40pol. Vælg varianter
20050.3 IDC Connector 50pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 50pol. Vælg varianter
20064.3 IDC Connector 64pole ,grey ,pitch 2.54 E-WP E-WP 64pol. Vælg varianter

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