Cat.7 Outdoor cable UC900 SS23/1 PETM

Cat.7 Outdoor cable UC900 SS23/1,4P PE, 100metres
Varenummer: 99731.100
EAN nr.: 4049759146696

Produktinformation für Cat.7 Outdoor cable UC900 SS23/1,4P PE, 100metres

The data cable is an installation cable with a thick-walled polyethylene outer sheath, suitable for direct burial, UV-resistant and for transmission rates up to 1000 MHz. Exeeds the electrical transmission properties and requirements of the category 7 and lower. Suitable for structured cabling of Class E, EA, F and according to ISO/IEC11801 (AMD 2:2009) resp. EN50173-1 (2009). With this cable transmission rates up to 10 GBit according to IEEE 802.3 are possible.

Tekniske egenskaber

AWG-size: 23/1
Bending radius (dynamic): ≥ 80 mm
Bending radius (static): ≥ 40 mm
Cable: EN 50288-4-1
IEC 61156-5
Cable Construction: S/FTP
Cabling standards: EN 50173-1
EN 50288-4-1

IEC 61156-5

ISO/IEC 11801
Capacity to earth: nom. 43 nF/km
Category: 7
Conductor category: Kl.1 = single wire
Conductor material: CU, tinned
Core identification: colour
Core insulation: foam-skin PE
Coupling attenuation: ≥ 85 dB
Delay skew: ≤ 12 ns/100m
Diameter conductor: 0.56 mm
Flame-retardant: No
Halogen free (acc. EN 50267-2-2): False
Halogen free (according to EN 60754-1/2): False
Harmonised Standard: EN 50575
Impedance: 100 ± 25 Ohm
Installation standard: EN 50174
Insulation resistance (500V): ≥ 5000 MOhm/km
Jacket material: Polyethylene (PE)
Loop resistance: ≤ 165 Ohm/km
Low smoke (acc. EN 61034-2): False
Max. Freuqency: 900 MHz
NVP value: 79 %
Nominal cross section conductor: 0.26 mm²
Operating temperature, fix: -55 – 60 °C
Operating temperature, flexible: -20 – 50 °C
PoE: acc. to IEEE802.3af PoE
acc. to IEEE802.3at PoE+

acc. to IEEE802.3bt 4PPoE
Resistance unbalance: ≤ 2 %
Screen over stranding: braiding
Screen over stranding element: foil + braid
Separation class acc. EN50174-2: D
Stranding element: Pairs
Test voltage DC, 1 min: 1000 V
Transfer impedance at 1MHz: ≤ 10 mOhm/m
Transfer impedance at 10MHz: ≤ 10 mOhm/m
Transfer impedance at 30MHz: ≤ 30 mOhm/m
Transfer impedance at 100MHz: ≤ 60 mOhm/m
Transmission standards: IEEE 802.3 10Mbit to 10Gbit
UV resistance: True


Art. Nej. Betegnelse Colour outer sheath Number of cores RAL colour Type Length Copper weight Weight Max. tractive force Outer diameter approx.
99731.100 Cat.7 Outdoor cable UC900 SS23/1,4P PE, 100metres black 8 9005 simplex 100.0 m 38 kg/km 95 kg/km 340 N 8.4 mm
99731.500 Cat.7 Outdoor cable UC900 SS23/1,4P PE, 500metres black 8 9005 simplex 500.0 m 38 kg/km 95 kg/km 340 N 8.4 mm

sold with

RJ45 Connector STP, Cat.6, Field-Plug

necessary tools

LSA Insertion Tool
Krone LSA Insertion Tool with Sensor
Stripping Tool for PIMF cable
Stripping Tool for jacket and foil shield