LC pigtail seperatly packaged

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Fiber pigtail LC 9/125µ OS2, 2m,
Varenummer: O0480.2
EAN nr.: 4049759025151

Produktinformation für Fiber pigtail LC 9/125µ OS2, 2m,

The LC fiber pigtail has a primary coating (900µ) in the colour of the respective category (see table). The colour of the primary coating is equal to the colour of the secondary coating. Every PU contains an individual measuring protocol.

Tekniske egenskaber

Anti-kink sleeve: Put-on
Cable Conform to Standard: IEC60793-2
Connector Conform to Standard: IEC61754-20
Core type: Semi tight
Insertion loss 850nm: -
Jacket material: LSZH
Length: 2.0 m
Max. Tension: 3 N
Minimaler Biegeradius Dynamic: 20xOD
Mion. Bending Radius Static: 10xOD
Operating Temperature: -20 – 70 °C
Outer Diameter: 0.9 mm
Quality class multimode: -
Type: Conductor pigtail


Art. Nej. Betegnelse Quality class multimode APC-version Category Colour Fibre type Bend optimized fiber Type of connector Insertion loss 1310nm Quality class singlemode Insertion loss 850nm Connector Colour
O0480.2 Fiber pigtail LC 9/125µ OS2, 2m, - False OS2 acc. to ITU-T G.652.D yellow Single mode 9/125 no LC < 0.3 dB B/2 acc. IEC 61753-1 - blue Vælg
O3681.2 Fiber pigtail LC 50/125µ OM3 2m A/1 according to IEC-61753-222-2 False OM3 aqua Multi mode 50/125 OM3 acc. to IEC60793-2-10 type A1a.2 and A1a.3 LC - - < 0.3 dB beige Vælg

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