Breakout Indoor Cable I-V (ZN) HH 50/125µ OM4

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I-V(ZN)HH Breakout OM4 2G (2x1) Eca 600N LSZH erica violet 2.8mm
Varenummer: 55002.1OM4
EAN nr.: 4049759072629

Produktinformation für I-V(ZN)HH Breakout OM4 2G (2x1) Eca 600N LSZH erica violet 2.8mm

Indoor application
Installation in shafts, underfloor area
Secondary cabling (vertical): riser area (backbone)
Tertiary cabling (horizontal): working area, fiber-to-the-desk FTTD
Trunk cable, patch- and adapter cable
Indoor cable
Non-metallic, halogenfree, gel free
Suitable for connector assembly
Operation: -20°C ~ 60°C
Installation: -5°C ~ 50°C

Tekniske egenskaber

Application: Inside
Armouring: False
Cable metal free: True
Cabling standards: EN 50173-1
ISO/IEC 11801
Circuit integrity: False
Colour outer sheath: erica violet
Euro Class: Eca
Fiber marking: Colour
Fibre category: OM4
Fibre type: Multi mode 50/125
Flame-retardant: According to EN 60332-1-2
Halogen free (acc. EN 50267-2-2): True
Harmonised Standard: EN 50575
IL max. (dB/km) 850nm: < 2.7 dB/km
IL max. (dB/km) 1300nm: < 0.8 dB/km
Jacket material: LSZH
Longitudinal water blocking: False
Low smoke (acc. EN 61034-2): True
Oil resistant (acc. EN 60811-2-1): False
Radial water blocking: False
Temperature Range (Installation): -5 – 50 °C
Temperature Range (Operation): -20 – 60 °C
Temperature Range (Storage): -25 – 70 °C
Type of tube: Tight
With strain relief: True


Art. Nej. Betegnelse Construct Bending radius VDE-Name Cable Ø Tensile Force Weight
55002.1OM4 I-V(ZN)HH Breakout OM4 2G (2x1) Eca 600N LSZH erica violet 2.8mm 02G ( 2 x 2.8 ) Multimode OM4 60 mm I-V(ZN)HH 2G 50/125 3.9x6.8 mm 600 N 28 kg/km
55004.1OM4 I-V(ZN)HH Breakout OM4 4G (4x1) 800N LSZH erica violet 2.5mm 04G ( 4 x 2.8 ) Multimode OM4 150 mm I-V(ZN)HH 4G 50/125 8.5 mm 800 N 62 kg/km


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